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The Snow Leopard Is The Most Beautiful Big Cats

The Snow Leopard Is The Most Beautiful Big Cats
Introduction to Snow Leopards Snow leopards are perhaps the most beautiful of all the big cats. With their thick fur coats and distinctive markings, they...

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

wolf spiders
Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous? Where do Wolf Spiders live? A Wolf Spider is not an insect but an arachnid. They are hunting spiders and not web...

Grey Breasted Mountain Toucan – Beauty of Birds

Gray Breasted Mountain Toucan
Description Of Gray Breasted Mountain Toucan Andigena The Grey Breasted Mountain Toucan is a brightly coloured bird found in the Andes mountains of South America....

The Indigo Bunting Birds Guide – Passerina Cyanea

px Indigo Bunting by Dan Pancamo
Introduction The Indigo Bunting Bird is a beautiful bird that many people enjoy watching. These birds are not only pretty to look at but they...

Wood Ducks – Some Interesting Facts

wood duck
Description of The Wood Duck Wood ducks are medium-sized perching ducks. The average adult measures between 47 and 54 cm (19 to 21, in) or...

The Australian Wood Duck – Some Interesting Facts

Australian Wood Duck female
The Australian Wood Duck The Australian Wood Duck hatches like other water birds and swims almost immediately. The Song and Call Of The Australian Wood Duck The...

The Beauty Of The Clouded Leopard

clouded leopard just before the jump
COMMON NAME: Clouded Leopard SCIENTIFIC NAME: Neofelis nebulosa TYPE: Mammals DIET: Carnivore GROUP NAME: Leap SIZE : Tail: Up to 3 Feet WEIGHT:...

The Viceroy Butterfly – It Mimics The Monarch

Introduction to the Viceroy Butterfly Viceroy butterflies are a brush-footed species. The tiny, hairy forelegs of brush-footed butterflies look more like feet than feet. It...

The General Sherman Tree – The Worlds Largest Tree

Sequoia National Park California USA
The General Sherman Tree - The Worlds Largest Tree General Sherman is an enormous sequoia ( Sequoiadendron Giganteum), a tree found in the Giant Forest...

The Adorable Screech Owl

the screech owl
Screech Owls are a type of owl (Strigidae) part of the genus megascops with 23 species. The Americas are the only place where screech owls...



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