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The Fujiwhara Effect – When 2 Cyclones Collide

Fujiwhara effect depicted in the GFs weather model in the Coral Sea
Introduction To The Fujiwhara Effect The Fujiwhara Effect also known as the Fujiwara interaction or binary interaction is a phenomenon where two nearby cyclonic vortices can move around one...

Cyclone Debbie – One Of The Most Costly Cyclones In Queensland...

Duration: 23 March – 30 March 2017 Peak intensity: 175 km/h (110 mph) (10-min) 949 hPa (mbar) Cat 4 Cyclone Debbie - The Second...

Cyclone Marcia – A Category 5 Cyclone

As It Happened Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia passed over the coast at Shoalwater Bay (north northwest of Yeppoon) through the morning of 20th February 2015....

Cyclone Tracy – The Monster Of Darwin

cyclone tracey darwin
Tropical Cyclone Tracy - One of the Worst Natural Disasters to Ever Strike Australia 9 Interesting Facts About Cyclone Tracy It caused widespread destruction, with...

First Cyclone to Hit Eastern Australian Waters May Develop

First Cyclone to Hit Australian Waters May Develop
Around the middle of December, a possible cyclone or intense tropical disturbance may develop around Vanuatu and continue moving in a south-westerly track toward...

Cyclone Yasi – The Largest Cyclone In Queensland’s History

Cyclone Yasi – A Category 5 Cyclone -the Largest Cyclone In Queensland’s History
An Introduction To Cyclone Yasi Cyclone Yasi was the most intense Cyclone and tropical storm to strike the Queensland coast in recorded history. A strong La...



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