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Discover the Mysterious Fallstreak Hole Cloud Phenomenon

fallstreak cloud
Explore the captivating Fallstreak Hole Cloud phenomenon, its formation, and the role of aircraft in shaping these mysterious clouds.

Extreme Weather Events: Nature’s Breathtaking Phenomena

Extreme Weather Events Nature's Breathtaking Phenomena
Explore Extreme Weather Events, from toxic seas to tornadoes and unusual atmospheric phenomena. Witness nature's breathtaking power!

Beat the Heat: Steps To Stay Cool During a Heatwave

Beat the Heat Steps To Stay Cool During a Heatwave
What Are Heatwaves? A heatwave in Australia is defined as a period of three or more days where the maximum and minimum temperatures are unusually...

The Australian Monsoon Trough

The Australian Monsoon Trough In Full Swing Across Northern Australia in Early Wet Season
Monsoon season in Australia The monsoon trough is a meteorological phenomenon that plays a significant role in the weather patterns of Australia and other regions...

What Are Tropical Cyclones? Causes, Classification & Effects

Tropical Cyclone Ita Off Shore Queensland Australia
Tropical Cyclones are some of the most powerful weather phenomena on Earth. This blog will discuss tropical cyclones in detail, from their definition to...

What Is An Australian East Coast Low?

Example of an east coast low pressure system off QLD
What is a low-pressure system? In meteorology, the term low-pressure system refers to a low-pressure region in the upper or lower atmosphere and is a...

Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland – Best Time & Places

Northern Lights In Icelan
What Are The Northern Lights? The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are one of nature's most spectacular displays. They occur when the sun's charged particles...

What Is The Indian Ocean Dipole?

indian ocean dipole iod weather systems
What Is The Indian Ocean Dipole The Indian Ocean Dipole is a sustained change or difference in the sea surface temperatures of the eastern and...

What Are Gravity Waves In Clouds & The Atmosphere?

gravity waves queensland australia weather clouds
What Is A Gravity Wave? A wave that is created by gravity and density variations in a stratified atmosphere. This is a generic classification that includes...

What Causes The Storm Surge That Accompanies a Cyclone

storm tides cyclones surges australia weather
What Are Storm Surges and How Does One Form? Storm surges are strong ocean movements that result from wind action and low pressure at the...



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