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Mysteries of the Coral Sea: The Great Barrier Reef

the great barrier reef queensland
The Coral Sea The coral sea is a vast, coral laden area of the ocean located in Eastern Australia. The coral sea was formed when...

Feather Stars Are Our Closest Thing to Walking Plants.

feather star
5 Incredible Facts About Feather Stars Introduction These strange, plant-like creatures are hidden among bright corals or anemones. Their slender, branching legs billow like colourful, fern...

The Brinicle – The Ice Finger of Death

The Ice Stalactite. The Ice Finger of Death is Captured on Camera for the First Time. It Freezes Everything in Its Path We can now see...

Christmas Tree Worms – Stunning Sea Creatures That Protect Coral

christmas tree worms sea
Introduction Spirobranchus giganteus, usually known as the Christmas tree worm, is a tube-building polychaete worm belonging to the species Serpulidae. Both its popular and Latin names...

The Nudibranch – Most Colourful Ocean Creatures Of The Sea

nudibranches sea slugs most colourful ocean life cretures a
Nudibranchs are a collection of soft-bodied, marine gastropod molluscs which shed their shells after their larval stage. They are recorded for their often unique colours...

Pink See-Through Fantasia – Strange Sea Creatures

Pink See-through Fantasia – Strange Sea Creatures
Pink See-Through Fantasia - A Unique Sea Cucumber Its title makes it seem like a piece of sexy underwear, but do not be deceived: the...

The Mandarin Fish – The Most Colourful Fish In The Ocean

The Mandarin Fish – The Most Colourful Fish In The Ocean
What Is The Mandarin Fish? Synchiropus splendens, also known as the mandarin dragonet or the mandarin fish, is a small member of the dragonet species...

Sea Pens – Unique Soft Coral

The Sea Pen - A Unique & Colorful Marine Coral The sea pen, a stunning creature of the oceans, is a soft coral. Its name...



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