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The Australian Wood Duck – Some Interesting Facts

Australian Wood Duck female
The Australian Wood Duck The Australian Wood Duck hatches like other water birds and swims almost immediately. The Song and Call Of The Australian Wood Duck The...

The Emperor Penguin – Fascinating Facts & Trivia

Emperor Penguin
Introduction To The Emperor Penguin The emperor penguin  (  Aptenodytes fosteri ) is the tallest and most imposing of all penguin species. It is...

The Adorable Screech Owl

the screech owl
Screech Owls are a type of owl (Strigidae) part of the genus megascops with 23 species. The Americas are the only place where screech owls...

11 Facts About Buff Laced Polish Chickens

buff laced polish chicken
Introduction On This Polish Chicken The Polish chicken is a European breed known for distinctive and spectacular crests, or "top hats." Polish chickens are gentle...

Funny Animal Video – Seagull Steals Packet Of Chips From Shop

funny animal video seagull
A seagull decided to steal a packet of chips from a shop. Pretty smart bird if you ask me! This funny animal video was...

The Blue Footed Booby – When Your Feet Are Blue

blue footed booby unique birds
The Facts Most Common Name: Blue-Footed Booby Scientific Name: Sula nebouxii Type of Animal: Birds Diet: Carnivore Group of Birds: Flock Natural Life Span:...

The European Goldfinch – Beautiful & Colourful Birds

european goldfinches beautiful birds
Introduction The European goldfinch, or the goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis), is a small bird in the finch family indigenous to Europe, North Africa and western and...

The Snowy Owl – A Magnificent Bird Of The Arctic

snowy owl
The Beautiful Snowy Owl Description The snowy owl is a large, beautiful white owl native to the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia. These...

The Bearded Reedling – A Small Beautiful Bird That Can Do...

bearded reedling
Beautiful Birds of Nature - The Bearded Reedling Do you want to smile? I understand it can be rather difficult, given the current pandemic. However,...

The Fairy Wren – Beautiful Birds Of Australia

splendid fairy wren
Fairy Wren Description Fairy-wrens are a group of small, brightly colored birds native to Australia. These birds are known for their beautiful plumage, which often...



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