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travel photography contest
Vladimir Alekseev, Russia, was awarded the top prize for his portfolio, including this one of an Arctic fox in a blizzard in Norway. Vladimir Alekseev/

While the possibility of travel was often out of reach for most of us in 2020, entrances to the Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) have provided great incentive for future dreams and journeys.

Nearly 25,000 entries were presented to the annual competition from photographers in 147 nations. For the first time, a Russian citizen has claimed the top place, with Vladimir Alekseev scooping the prestigious overall trophy Travel Photographer of the Year 2020.

The contest drew submissions from novice, semi-professional and professional photographers from throughout the globe.

Travel photography contest timswww
Alekseev also captured this image of a total solar eclipse in svalbard, norway.

Categories included wildlife, islands, solitude, and an especially relevant segment this year titled Close to Home.

Travel photography contest timswww
Alekseev took this image in myanmar. He said: “travel photography does not always capture a landscape or a reportage. Very often it captures a macro world. ”

Alekseev, a photographer and reporter, offered stunning images captured in Russia, Greenland, Norway and Myanmar.

Travel photography contest timswww
This incredible storm was shot in russia’s tver region by alekseev.

One of those which influenced the judges was of an Arctic fox photographed in a snow blizzard in Spitsbergen. At the same time, another portrayed a complete solar eclipse in Svalbard.

Travel photography contest timswww
Indigo larmour took this image of the old city, in lahore, pakistan.

Explaining how he captured the Arctic fox, Alekseev said: “Once on my expedition to Spitsbergen, there was a blizzard. Everything around was equally white. And suddenly I spotted this Arctic fox. He almost merged with the environment. Only his eyes and nose betrayed him.”

Travel photography contest timswww
Nayana rajesh, 16, shot this image during a trip to lone pine, california, in 2018.

A black and white collection of the streets of Lahore in Pakistan awarded 12-year-old Indigo Larmour the title of Young Travel Photographer of the Year award — the second year in a row that she got the title.

Travel photography contest timswww
Eddy verloes shot this image on a windy day in bredene, belgium. “this is a photo of ultra-orthodox jews who were enjoying their freedom in an unorthodox way in the storm (of their lives) and escaping the lockdown,” he said.
eddy verloes/www. Tpoty. Com

The awe-inspiring collection of images offered for the competition features everything from grand landscapes and intimate wildlife pictures to nerve-racking reportage of life under siege in Syria and windows into various societies worldwide.

Travel photography contest
Ben skaar, 17, used a drone to shoot this image in lincoln, new hampshire.
ben skaar/www. Tpoty. Com

Mouneb Taim, who acquired the World category’s People, started taking pictures while being under siege in Syria as a child. Born in 2001, he presently works as a freelancer in neighbouring Turkey.

Travel photography
Mouneb taim won the people of the world portfolio.
mouneb taim/www. Tpoty. Com

The coronavirus pandemic “inevitably had an impact,” the competition announced in a press release. While some participants presented images taken closer to home than they might contrarily have done due to lockdown limits, others caught the world around them in places they became suddenly stranded.

Travel photography contest
Miguel sánchez garcía, 11, from spain, used a multiple exposure to capture this image in the herrería forest, san lorenzo de el escorial, madrid.
miguel sánchez garcía/www. Tpoty. Com

Italian Pier Luigi Dodi was awarded the lockdown-inspired Close to Home section with an intimate representation of a woman blowing bubbles for her growing son.

Travel photography contest
Wenming tang captured this magical moment at poyang lake, china. It is the largest freshwater lake in china, providing a seasonal home for more than 100 species of migratory birds, including 11 endangered species.
wenming tang/www. Tpoty. Com

Best Single Image’s award went to Belgian photographer Eddy Verloes for his picture of Orthodox Jews taking their everyday exercise on the beach during the lockdown.

Travel photography contest
Snow blizzards are a rare sight in sardinia, italy, but alessandro carboni got lucky.
alessandro carboni/www. Tpoty. Com

Chris Coe, the founder of TPOTY, said in a comment: “Interestingly, when our worlds feel like they’ve shrunk, the list of nationalities winning TPOTY and its categories has grown, with our first overall winner from Russia and other winning entries from Syria, Egypt and the Philippines for the first time, taking the total number of nationalities who have featured amongst our winners over the years to 45.”

Travel photography contest
This photo of a diamond squid (thysanoteuthis rhombus) was taken during a blackwater dive by marco steiner, from austria, in the maldives.
marco steiner/www. Tpoty. Com

Covid restrictions allowing, the exhibit will go on display in London on May 12. However, all of the winning shots can be seen at the TPOTY’s online winners’ gallery.

Travel photography contest
Australian james smart caught this “drill bit” tornado in simla, colorado.
james smart/www. Tpoty. Com
Travel photography contest
Jordi cohen from spain really captures the atmosphere at bassin saint jacques, plaine du nord (near cap haitien) in haiti.
jordi cohen/www. Tpoty. Com
Travel photography contest
Mouneb taim started taking pictures of life under siege in syria while still a child. Here in douma rescuers save someone from under the rubble, a missile destroys a nearby building.
mouneb taim/www. Tpoty. Com


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