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tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

Where is Tikehau Tahiti Atoll?

Tikehau is a coral atoll located in the Tuamotu archipelago of French Polynesia, approximately 340 km from Tahiti and about 30 km from Rangiroa. The atoll is known for its excellent diving opportunities, with a study by French explorer Jacques Cousteau finding it to contain the greatest number of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.

Tikehau is mostly inhabited in and around Tuherahera, the only village in Tikehau, with its residents enjoying the intense shades of orange during sunsets. The atoll is characterized by its oval shape, surrounded by lagoons, and its white and pink sandy beaches, which symbolize its beauty.

Tahiti  Map

Tikehau Atoll Map

Tikehau Geography

Tikehau is positioned 340 kilometres (210 miles) northeast of Tahiti in the Tuamotu Islands. The neighbouring atoll, Rangiroa, rests only 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) to the east. Mataiva, the most westerly atoll of the same group, is found 35 kilometres (22 miles) to the west.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

The atoll’s oval-shaped lagoon is 27 kilometres (17 miles) long & 19 kilometres (12 miles) wide, with a lagoon region of about 461 square kilometres (178 square miles). The atoll is formed up of two major islands & numerous islets.

The northeastern quarter of the atoll is an individual, mostly uninhabited island. An almost continuous coral reef circles the whole atoll.

There is a single pass deep & broad enough for navigation in & out of the lagoon: Tuheiava Pass is found on the western shore. The islands & islets are blanketed with coconut palms. The main village is named Tuherahera.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

How Did The Tikehau Tahiti Atoll Form?

It was formed millions of years ago when the volcano that created its lagoon sank to the ocean’s depths. Tikehau is made up of small coral islands that form an exceptional setting, 26 km long. The setting offers a relaxing and heavenly stay in the heart of a wonderful flourishing coconut grove.

Tikehau History

The first documented European to arrive at Tikehau was the Russian mariner Otto von Kotzebue. He named this atoll Krusenstern Island after Russian explorer Adam Johann von Krusenstern. The Wilkes Expedition moved by this atoll on 9 September 1839.

During a stay in 1987, Jacques Cousteau’s research group studied Tikehau’s lagoon & learned that it includes the largest variety of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.

Today, Tikehau is a tourist destination famous for its pink sand beaches & its extraordinary underwater fauna.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

Tikehau Transportation

Tikehau Airport, positioned on the southern tip of the atoll, was inaugurated in 1977. There are daily flights to & from Tahiti & other atolls of the Tuamotus.

The Pink Sand Island

Tikehau encapsulates the sense of going off the grid. This small, cherished atoll consists of a myriad of tiny white & pink sand islets engulfed in coconut groves & hidden alcoves.

In Tikehau, which really means “peaceful landing,” you will find nothing but complete serenity on her calm & graceful shores.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

The Locale

Tikehau is a small, circular atoll near Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Archipelago. The lagoon, formed by a virtually unbroken ring of continuous coral, mirrors an immense natural swimming pool.

This marine aquarium is swarming with marine life at only 16 miles (25 kilometres) across & no more than 100 feet (30 meters) deep. According to the legendary marine researcher Jacques Cousteau, it has a higher fish density than any other French Polynesian lagoon.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

Why Tikehau is an Ideal Destination

5 Major Tourist Attractions On Tikehau

The major tourist attractions in Tikehau, French Polynesia, include:

  1. Pink sand beaches
  2. World-class scuba diving
  3. Main Village
  4. Miles of pink sand beaches
  5. Palm trees

Tikehau is a great destination for travelers who want to get off the beaten track and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. The only village in Tikehau is located on a motu and is a great place to explore on foot or by bicycle. Dining options in the village include a range of snacks, including grilled-fish lunch.

Tikehau is also known for its stunning sunsets, with intense shades of orange dominating the sky. Scuba diving is a major attraction in Tikehau, with Jacques Cousteau having conducted a study of Tikehau’s lagoon and found it to contain the greatest number of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.

As you can guess, diving & snorkelling are the two main attractions in Tikehau. The best diving is located on the western shore around the Tuheiava Pass, the only traversable entry into the lagoon.

You will encounter reef sharks & the rare manta ray. Still, the appeal here is the vast population of colourful fish. Some more prevalent species include tuna, snapper, barracuda, lionfish, clownfish & parrotfish.

Tikehau is located a few kilometres from Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipelago. Tinier than its neighbour, Tikehau atoll is a near-perfect ring structure starring a postcard-like landscape.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

The atoll is famous for its lagoon, described as a vast natural pool enclosed by pink & white sandy beaches.

A 1-hour flight from Tahiti & lying among beautiful “motu” islets & coconut trees, make the most of your stay & discover the unbelievable underwater life of this turquoise lagoon.

Surf enthusiasts will find great waves which will fascinate both beginners & experts. Dive lovers will be captivated by the Tuheiva pass (the island’s unique pass), which showcases a fabulous underwater show of rays, sharks, dolphins, & multicoloured fish.

Once out of the water, be astonished by a beautiful symphony of seabirds. Throughout these pink sand, islets watch colonies of boobies, tropic terns, noddi birds & fregate birds. Here you will learn why the island has been nicknamed “Bird Island”.

Take a walkabout Tuherahera village or relax on the beach. The place will inspire a feeling of heaven.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

Things To Do On Tikehau

  • Kayaking: Some hotels possess kayaks that their clients can use. Please note that they will not rent them to people who aren’t guests, even if you offer them money.
  • Snorkelling in the lagoon is completely safe. There are blacktip reef sharks, but they are very mild & not at all dangerous.
  • Diving. There are two dive hubs on the island. One is just north of the manta rai club, & the other is near the larger of the two shops.

Note: do not expect your guesthouse to have snorkelling equipment. You must bring your own. You can not buy it, & even the dive centres will not lend it to you.

Note: If diving on any other islands, you can book a multi-pass-through “Top Dive” that links with the dive centre on Tikehau to dive here, even though there is no top dive centre on the island.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations


There are only two shops on the island. There are no bars or restaurants. The larger is named Magasin Henriette. It closes at 6 pm on most days.

The choice here is limited, but the subsequent items are available. Chicken, burgers (in the freezer), Ice creams, Packets of cheese 300xpf Eggs, Soft drinks, Wine (starting at 2300xpf per bottle), Flip flops/sandals, Uht milk, cereal (limited selection), Rice, Pasta, Tinned fruit, Jam Cake mixture, Sweets, Tobacco/cigarettes.

Next door (approximately 30 meters north), you can also buy baguettes & doughnuts.

The smaller shop is positioned around 800 metres further North near the same road as the more extensive shop. The choice here is minimal.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

People Also Ask

How do I get to Tikehau?

Tikehau is located in the Tuamotu archipelago of French Polynesia, about 340 km from Tahiti and about 30 km from Rangiroa. The most common way to reach Tikehau is by air, with the most frequently departing flights from Rangiroa (RGI) and Tahiti (PPT) in French Polynesia, both operated 43 times per month. It might be possible to reach Tikehau by boat on a cargo ship, but it is not very common and requires flexibility, luck, and a good command of French.

How do you get to Pearl Beach Resort Tikehau?

The most convenient and scenic way to get to Pearl Beach Resort Tikehau is by air. Direct flights are available from Tahiti, Rangiroa, and Bora Bora and can be booked through Air Tahiti. Usually, Tikehau is one stop in a longer visit to French Polynesia, so purchasing the right air pass from Air Tahiti is recommended. The resort’s location in Tikehau makes it accessible for travelers coming from different parts of French Polynesia.

Tikehau tahiti pacific island tourist holiday destinations

Where is Rangiroa, French Polynesia?

Rangiroa is an atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia, located just one hour by plane from Tahiti. The Tuamotu Archipelago is the largest chain of coral atolls in the world, consisting of 78 islands and atolls and covering an area of the South Pacific roughly the size of Western Europe. Rangiroa is French Polynesia’s largest atoll, consisting of a ring of smaller islands over 110 miles long that circle a massive lagoon.


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