Ice castles usa travel destinations

Fun US Travel Destinations – The Ice Castles

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Ice Castles is a frozen attraction that has won numerous awards and can be found in six cities across North America. Professional ice artists hand-place hundreds of thousands upon thousands of icicles to create the experience. You will discover stunning LED-lit sculptures, ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides and more in the castles.

Ice castles usa travel destinations

The origins of the icy complexes can be traced back to a simple cave made by Brent Christensen in Utah’s front yard. Christensen originally wanted to provide something for his children to entertain them during winter.

His idea was a hit with his entire family as well as his neighbors and the whole town. The idea has evolved from such humble beginnings into the frozen spectacles that thousands of people enjoy every year.

Every ice castle, even the one in Dillon, Colorado, is made icicle by inch… every day by the thousands.

Ice castles usa travel destinations

A team of ice craftsmen harvests the icicles and places them strategically. Then, water is sprayed to increase its volume. The castle grows in height and weight until it reaches between 20-40 feet.

Ice Castle Locations

Dillon, Colorado, USA

Colorado is undoubtedly a winter paradise. The Colorado Rockies are best known for their snowy ski slopes. But, they have more to offer than skiing. A magnificent castle of glistening ice is hidden in a small Colorado town.

Isn’t it the dream of every child, and every child at heart, to escape this world for a magical land of ice? Even if it’s just an hour or two, you can escape the world of our world for a magical land of ice. You will find Dillon, Colorado’s home to these sparkling ice castles, about an hour west of Denver.

Make reservations. Make sure to dress warmly. Enjoy the vibrant colors and crisp winter air by dressing warm. You might even be able to slide down an ice slide while you’re at it.

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Imagine an ice cave, frozen waterfalls and glaciers colliding to form towering archways and caverns ready for exploration. This frozen paradise glows with glacial blue during the day and multi-colored ice formations at night.

This unique spectacle is open to families and visitors. It spans more than an acre from late January to early March. Ice Castle is made from 4 million gallons of water. It will consist of icicles that have been fused together to create shimmering tunnels, walls, caverns, and archways. You can either walk through the castle and enjoy it or take a photo to preserve your memories.

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New Hampshire

Ice Castles is a winter wonderland that covers an entire acre of land with ice walls, tunnels and towers. It’s also home to archways lit by multicolored lights.

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New York

This winter wonderland is a must-see, enchanting phenomenon that brings fairytales alive. Escape to The Festival Commons, Lake George, New York, this winter. Lake George, New YorkOne of six locations in the United States. Each castle measures approximately one acre and is made up of a variety of buildings. More than 25,000,000 pounds of ice.

Ice Castles Activities:

  • Crawl Tunnels You can squeeze through passageways that are just big enough for adults and children who are brave enough to crawl.
  • Arctic Alcove Book a VIP Experience in a Private Alcove of the Castle, Perfect for Proposals or Other Special Events.
  • Ice Maze Enjoy the wonder and excitement of exploring the maze of ice tunnels.
  • Ice Caverns You can immerse yourself in the icy caverns and then walk under archways of giant icicles suspended overhead like a winter chandelier.
  • Ice Slides Enjoy the thrill of sliding down our thrilling ice slides, suitable for all ages.

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The Ice Castles at Homestead Resort
The Ice Castles were created by Christensen, an ice artist, and Ryan Davis, CEO. Ryan Davis, a crew-trained worker, and four large ice structures built in Utah, Minnesota and New Hampshire.

His first venture was a “backyard castle” located in Alpine, Utah. He then built an ice castle in Midway in 2009. The Ice Castles have been at various Midway locations over the years. This year they are at Homestead Resort.

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