The Eyes of God – Prohodna Cave in Bulgaria

The Eyes of God – Prohodna Cave in Bulgaria

Prohodna(BulgarianProkhodna (pronounced “prokhodna”) is an acronym forKarstCave in north-central BulgariaThe location is: Iskar Gorge near the village of Karlukovo in Lukovit Municipality, Lovech Province. Two eye-like holes at the ceiling of the cave are what make it famous, and they are known as God’s eyes.

Prohodna, the most well-known attraction in the Karlukovo Gorge, is the longest cave passage in Bulgaria. It measures 262m (860ft) in length. There are two entrances to the cave, one for the Small Entrance and one for the Big Entrance. The first is 35m high (115 ft), while the second is 42.5 or 45m (139 or 148 feet). The former is 35 metres (115 ft) high and the latter 42.5 or 45 metres (139 or 148 ft) in height.

Prohodna’s middle chamber has two equally-sized holes. These holes were created by erosion and let light into the cave. This formation is commonly known as God’s eyes. This phenomenon was shown in the 1988 Bulgarian movie Time of Violence. In the scene, Aligorko prays beneath the Eyes.

It is located 2 km (1.2 mi) away from Karlukovo near the Karlukovo Lukovit road. You can also access it from Rumyantsevo. There is also a parking area near the Small Entrance. The longer cave, Temnata Dupka, is located near Prohodna. A pathway leading from the Big Entrance of Prohodna to the Petar Tranteev National Caving House (one of 100 tourist sites in Bulgaria) can be found.

The Eyes of God – Prohodna Cave in Bulgaria

Prohodna Cave is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bulgaria. The cave’s stunning views are a highlight of the attraction. They have symmetrical holes in the ceiling that emit light from the heavens, creating a mystical glow. Because there are two entrances to the cave at opposite ends, the name can be loosely translated into “Thoroughfare Cave” and “Passage Cave”.

Prohodna Cave is the most well-known cave in cave-filled Bulgaria. It has two symmetrical holes on its ceiling that may have been due to erosion. These holes can sometimes be seen as water trails, which could signify a pair of weeping eyes.

Because of the light that floods through the two circles, it is called “The Eyes of God”. It can be seen from both entrances of the cave. Ironically, the Eyes of the Devil is sometimes also called this. This incredible view was also used as the backdrop in the film Time of Violence. However, Prohodna Cave was inhabited historically. It is not clear if the cave was used for rituals or as a residence.

The cave is now primarily used as a tourist attraction by both thrill-seekers and nature lovers. The Big Entrance is a popular spot for bungee jumping. Most people would visit the Big Entrance to see the unique sight of The Eyes of God. There are many travel photos that show the site.

People who love the outdoors and adventure will enjoy this trip. It’s recommended to bring appropriate hiking books, as it can be a bit rocky. It’s an easy hike to either of the entrances. You can also do a lot of rock climbing here.

Prohodna’s advantage is its accessibility. It is located just a one-hour drive from Karlukovo Village or Sofia. You can also access it via the convenient pathway that leads to the Peter Tranteev National Speleological Society building.

Parking spaces are available near the entrance. There is also a Mountain Hostel that can be reserved in advance for overnight accommodation. A trip to Prohodna is easy for beginners and less experienced hikers.

The cave is open year-round, so no guide is necessary. Visitors are reminded to be cautious about icicles, especially if they form in the colder months.

If you are visiting Bulgaria and enjoy hiking and nature, you will not be satisfied until you visit Prohodna Cave.


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