Tarantulas – the brazilian jewel tarantula

Brazilian Jewel Tarantula – AKA Candy Shop Spider and Jeweled Pink Toe

A Colourful Tarantula

Typhochlaena seladonia is a spider / tarantula species of aviculariine tarantula and is the type species of the genus Typhochlaena. It’s unique as an arboreal (lives in trees) spider that constructs trapdoors within the bark of trees.

If you haven’t heard about this colourful tarantula yet, you’re certainly in for a colourful treat. Arguably the most desired and beautiful tarantula of all of them, with characteristics that make it super-adorable and attractive to any hobbyists.

The spider is not only an expensive (currently +- $500) beautifully colored tarantula, an arboreal species, but it’s also a dwarf species reaching only a couple of centimetres in size.

It’s also a trap door species of tarantula, creating perfect little camouflaged trapdoors to hide and live beneath and stalk its prey. Although arboreal, they’ll develop shelters on dead trees or locations near to the earth or ground additionally, or wherever they feel is comfortable, and access to passing food is sweet.

They will strip or tear small pieces of bark and organic material such as plants from around their chosen housing location and build a superbly camouflaged trap door using their silk and the carefully collected supplies.

They then lay in wait patiently, pouncing on anything that gets too near to the trap door. We’ve also heard that they’ll create a tiny silk trap that lays just ahead of the trap door, which they run inside their little home, much like a pull-net. When passing potential prey gets snared within the trap, they whip it under the door and revel in a juicy meal.

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When it involves looks, this small tarantula punches with the heavyweight. It’s got the most comprehensive broadest range of colours we’ve seen on any tarantula thus far, some colours include reds, pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and everything in between.

Add its chunky appearance with its raised bulbous abdomen to the present mix, and you’ve got a tarantula that’s simply gorgeous, desirable, and adorable.

The Mature males come in a variety of colour from the females but otherwise exhibit typical pink-toe-type male features with longer legs, a smaller abdomen, and palpal bulbs. We’re unsure about the tibial hooks/spurs so far but will update this page once we determine.

Beautiful Pet Tarantulas

Brazilian Jewel Tarantula – AKA Candy Shop Spider and Jeweled Pink Toe can be brought up in captivity and are docile and also make a great pet if you look after them and give them space. They are illegal to keep in captivity in some countries.

Common names: Brazilian Jewel Tarantula | Candy Shop Spider | Jeweled Pink Toe

Some Brazilian Jewel Tarantula Specs.

  • Adult Size: Males 3 to 4cm, Females 4 to 6cm
  • Type: New World, Arboreal, Dwarf, Trapdoor
  • Growth Rate: Medium to Fast
  • Temperament: Not for beginners. Docile and Calm.
  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Origin: Babia/Sergipe Brazil

Further Reading:

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