Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Sunshine Coast, Brisbane 31/10/2020

Severe Thunderstorm Warning For Sunshine Coast, Brisbane 31/10/2020
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Severe Weather Forecast for Sunshine Coast, Brisbane 31/10/2020

***update at 8:30 PM – severe thunderstorms are no longer occurring in SE Queensland***

Scroll further down to see videos of giant hailstorms and damage.

Weather Situation: Severe thunderstorms are beginning to develop and are expected to become stronger and more extensive later this afternoon.

Today is forecast to potentially be one of the worst dangerous storm days Brisbane and SE Queensland has seen in over 5 years or longer.

Severe to dangerous thunderstorms are expected to develop around Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast this afternoon and evening.

Extreme rainfall causing flash flooding, large to giant hail from 5cm up to a possible 13cm, destructive winds from 125 km/h to a possible 175 km/h, frequent to dangerous lightning and there is also a slight possibility of tornadoes developing.

Not all areas will get these dangerous thunderstorms, but most areas will see severe thunderstorms.

Severe thunderstorms are expected to develop over the ranges around 1pm this afternoon and continue to develop into dangerous thunderstorms as the day progresses.

All areas please keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology Brisbane Radar and also the BOM’s severe weather warning page.

The possibility of tornadoes developing this afternoon in populated areas is a real threat, even though these tornadoes may not form. The latest weather data indicates that the tornadic threat is very possible.

Severe thunderstorm weather locations map current at 5 PM. This map will be updated as the day progresses

Severe thunderstorm warning for sunshine coast, brisbane 31/10/2020

Giant hail(7cm reported at Thagoona). Reports of 13cm giant hail in SE Queensland! *** 14cm HAIL REPORTED AT FORESTDALE*** *** 13cm HAIL REPORTED AT HILLCREST***

Giant hail smashes through the roof in SE Queensland

Hail damage from baseball-sized hail – SE Queensland

Brisbane & Sunshine Coast need to be prepared for dangerous thunderstorms this afternoon and must make appropriate measures to clean up any loose material on your property and also make sure cars and other vehicles and objects are undercover.

Please do not underestimate the potentially life-threatening situations that can develop in dangerous thunderstorms, please do not go outside during dangerous thunderstorms or drive your vehicle into storms.

Severe thunderstorm warning for sunshine coast, brisbane 31/10/2020
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Please be prepared for serious property damage, fallen trees, and powerlines. In some situations please do not drive into severe thunderstorms as your car could sustain serious damage from wind and extremely large hailstones.

Today is particularly warned for dangerous thunderstorms in the SE Queensland and Sunshine Coast areas.

This severe weather event is being closely monitored by Government and local weather experts for potentially dangerous situations if these severe thunderstorms do occur.

The timing of the exact locations and when these severe thunderstorms will occur is not exactly sure, but anywhere in an area from about Grafton(NSW) to the Capricornia Coast these dangerous thunderstorms are possible.

Possible rotating supercell thunderstorms are expected to develop in isolated areas, these thunderstorms are extremely dangerous and should not be underestimated.

Please keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology Brisbane Weather radar for live storm updates.

Also, keep an eye on the weather warnings page for Queensland.

Be prepared for severe thunderstorms this season. Read the Bureau of Meteorology’s Preparation and safety during thunderstorms

For further information and live updates about Queensland weather forecasts visit:

Weather Maps and Tools

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