Pink See-Through Fantasia – Strange Sea Creatures

Pink See-through Fantasia – Strange Sea Creatures

Pink See-Through Fantasia – A Unique Sea Cucumber

Its title makes it seem like a piece of sexy underwear, but do not be deceived: the pink see-through Fantasia is a sea cucumber discovered about 1.5 miles deep into the Celebes Sea in the westward Pacific, east of Borneo.

It was only found a little over a decade ago, back in 2007. Still, the unusual sea cucumber has a survival tactic that steers to its longtime evolution: bioluminescence to ward off predators. The pink see-through Fantasia is described for its transparent skin, through which its mouth, anus, & intestines are all visible.

Pink see-through fantasia – strange sea creatures

This Unique Creature Found in the Depth of the Sulawesi Sea

The Pink See-Through Fantasia is a kind of sea cucumber and a fantastical creature found in 2007. It is a previously undiscovered species of free-swimming sea cucumber. Its mouth, anus, & intestines are all noticeable from the outside.

Just like other bioluminescent beings, this species can emit light. When in peril, it uses that light to frighten potential predators.

The Pink Sea-Through Fantasia is a swimming sea cucumber located about 2,500 metres deep in the Celebes Sea in the westerly Pacific Ocean. They swim using the fingerlike webbing beneath their bodies.

Moreover, the aptly named sea cucumber was found in the Celebes Sea, Indonesia. This is an isolated area of the western Pacific Ocean & is bordered by the Mindanao Island of the Philippines, the Sulu Archipelago, the Sangihe Islands, Sulawesi, & Indonesia.

This pink creature gained its name for its transparent skin, displaying a show-stealing form with its intestines, mouth, & anus completely visible from the outside.
There continues much more for experts to learn about the creature to date.

Pink see-through fantasia – strange sea creatures

The Pink See-Through Fantasia forms a type of sea cucumber. It also forms a remarkable creature that explorers only discovered in 2007. Consequently, we know little about it. Yet, it also seems rather impressive that this free-swimming sea cucumber never exposed itself to humans before that. Its mouth, anus, & intestines all also remain visible from the outside.

Just like other bioluminescent animals, this species emits light. When in danger, it uses light to alarm potential predators. Due to limited data, the IUCN has no current article on this creature.

Pink Sea Through Physical Description

No concrete facts exist regarding the possible size of the extraordinary Pink Sea Through Fantasia. So, for now, researchers believe that it achieves lengths the equivalent to that of related species, namely 4.3 – 9.8 in (11-25 cm).

While its outer skin exhibits extraordinary translucence, it has a moderately bright pinkish hue, thus the common name. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Echinodermata Class: Holothuriidae Order: Elasipodida Family: Pelagothuriidae Genus: Enyptiastes Species: E. eximia

Pink see-through fantasia – strange sea creatures

Pink Sea Through Fantasia Habitat

A team of scientists & marine photographers first found the rather unique sea creature at a depth of roughly 8,200 ft (2,500 m). Those experts came from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Geographic Society, & the WHOI Ocean Life Institute & operated together on a research party.

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Moreover, the aptly titled sea cucumber first appeared in the Celebes Sea. This remains a moderately isolated area of the western Pacific Ocean. This area is bordered by the Sulu Archipelago, Mindanao Island of the Philippines, the Sangihe Islands, Sulawesi, & Indonesia.

The translucence & bioluminescent animal is very strange indeed, and it is up there with the strangest sea creatures on the planet. They almost give off an alien otherworldly appearance, much like you would expect to find on an alien planet in another solar system.

Where does the pink see-through Fantasia Live?

Celebes Sea
It lives about 2,500 metres deep in the Celebes Sea, between the Philippines and Indonesia.

Pink see-through fantasia – strange sea creatures

What is the headless chicken monster?

The headless chicken monster, whose scientific title is Enypniastes eximia, is a variety of deep-sea cucumbers that can swim because of its wing-like fins. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms, a phylum of oceanic invertebrate animals that includes starfish & sea urchins.

The Fantasia was discovered in 2007 as part of the Census of Marine Life. This decade-long scheme sent 2700 researchers from 80 countries on more than 500 expeditions to all the world’s seas. The scientists applied robotic submarines & other tools to seek life forms that no person had seen before.

The 2007 expedition got a look at the Celebes Sea. It’s part of an area known as the Coral Triangle in the westerly Pacific Ocean. Researchers from the U.S. & the Philippines recorded hundreds of living organisms, including numerous that no one had seen previously. That incorporated a type of worm with tentacles resembling a squid’s.

Pink see-through fantasia – strange sea creatures

The discoveries also included the Fantasia, a kind of sea cucumber. It was found at a measurement of about a mile and a half. The Fantasia feeds by straining nutrients from deposits on the bottom.

And while most sea cucumbers linger on the ocean floor, this one can swim. It uses a wing-like collar encompassing its mouth to swim up into the ocean. It may use that ability to travel to new feeding grounds or to avoid danger.

Like many deep-sea creatures, it creates light – a soft glow that illuminates its organs. That may scare away potential predators, which might not want to see their next meal’s organs.

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