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Fun Funny Cat Videos for Kids – The 10 Best For 2021

Are you looking for hilarious and funny cat videos for kids? Whether it’s on YouTube or some other site, you will find plenty of them.

In general, you’ll get more laughs from these cat videos because there’s more than one clip. There will inevitably be some duds, but that’s why we have painstakingly gone over hundreds of random funny cat videos from all over the internet to bring you this ultimate list.

The reason we think these are the best is that they’re grouped by decade. This means you know exactly what you’re getting into without wasting a second.

For those of you who don’t want to wait until next year to watch all of the newest and greatest, we’ve included a quick list of the top ten picks for the next five years.

Start with Number One, our pick for 2021. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take all the fun of watching cat videos from these clips and use them to your advantage on the internet.

If not, fear not, because the list below will be updated every five years to ensure you never miss a single funny cat video clip.

Number Two, Cats Might Be Funny But Kids Will Love Them Too! Our second list of the absolute funniest cat videos for kids should prove to be the staple for people looking for the latest and greatest on cat videos.

It’s been almost forty years since we saw the very first “Pixar Cats” video and since then, we’ve gotten a lot more advanced.

Today’s feline videos are some of the most hilarious to watch since the advent of animation.

While it doesn’t have everything you’d want to see in a funny cat video, it has all the ingredients you love cats: cuteness, weirdos, and offbeat personalities.

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