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Finding the Coolest and Hottest Funny Animal Videos Online

Watch funny animal videos online if you want to stay in good spirits or get a few laughs. Like us adults, some of us just need a short laugh every now and again.

It’s easy to find tons of funny cat videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites, all you have to do is type in “funny cat videos” or whatever your favourite search term is and you will get thousands of results. So how do you choose the funniest cat videos?

AUDIENCE OPINION: I tend to lean toward older, funnier animal videos. The internet has opened up so many new opportunities for pet lovers and funny animal videos online has just added to that wealth.

But I do agree that younger people may watch these funny things with an adult perspective more than the child’s perspective. So the first criteria you need to keep in mind is really a personal choice.

Once you decide that you want to watch videos of cute animals having fun and playing around try to find awesome websites that have them.

Some of my favourite and most viewed funny videos on YouTube are of dogs being adopted by humans.

Check out some of the videos on pet adoption and stop by and check out the websites Petfinder and PetsMart for some great cute pictures and adorable dogs.

And stop by the blog at the site for more information on pet adoption and get some free advice on which site you should adopt your puppy from.

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