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Funny Cat Videos Are Going Viral Fast

Have you ever watched funny cat videos or funny cat pictures and laughed so hard that you just about died laughing? Cats and pets are probably the cutest and funniest things on earth. But let us not forget funny cat videos or funny kitten videos or those funny animal videos that simply melt your heart.

Or funny kittens and funny cat videos as cats are probably the cutest animals in the world. And cats took their time growing to be fully grown, which means that they gained a lot of respect from people. Or funny cat videos as cats took their sweet time growing up like children do, that is why people loved them. They showed us how beautiful cats could be.

Nowadays, cats are real attention seekers, they seek our attention whenever they want it. And they make us smile when they do. From funny cat videos to funny cat sounds, cats have found a good way of getting our affection by means of cute videos.

One video that has spread across the internet like wildfire was the one of Siamese cat Cheezburger, he is a famous YouTube star. He can be seen on more than a dozen channels and receives millions of hits every single day. His name is pronounced “Cheezburger”, which are not entirely appropriate for a cat, but his name says everything. Anyway, he makes funny cat videos and people seem to love it. Actually, they even vote for him on various social networking websites.

Another funny cat video that is gaining huge popularity is that of Charlie Schaivo, a famous YouTube personality. He is a cartoon cat character and was recently voted as the fourth most popular YouTube personality. This is no surprise to anyone, because you only have to look at his channel to see his flair for comedy. He makes videos about his life, his pets, his kids, his travels, and almost anything else you can possibly imagine.

Finally, there is one video that you need to see, it is the one and only “Cat Funeral”. It shows how funny cat videos can be when they are performed by actual comedians. The video was made by YouTube sensations Jordan Wiliamson and Jason Gann. Oskar the sadistic cat performs alongside his two buddies, a fat guy and a Jewish woman, and they just have a very good time laughing at all the weirdos they run into on the street.

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