Mammatus Clouds Seen At Toowoomba


Local weather forecast for brisbane & sunshine coast

This was taken(video above) out at Toowoomba today(02/12/2020), they are Mammatus clouds, and scientists still don’t understand what they are caused by. All we know is that they are usually seen on the undersides of decaying thunderstorms.
Weather forecast for today.

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Weather forecast for Brisbane & Sunshine Coast today(02/12/2020)

Some thunderstorms developed today over the ranges are still developing. Thunderstorms will continue to develop over the ranges for the next few days.

A cool change is heading up the coast and may bring some showers as well as cooler winds which will end this stifling humidity along the Queensland coast for the time being. The cool change is expected to reach Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast in the very late evening or very early tomorrow morning bringing with it cooler winds, tomorrow will be cooler as well.

It will start warming up again in a few day’s time.

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