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Funny Animal Videos – What Are They?

Children and parents who are fond of YouTube can’t seem to get enough funny animal videos. In fact, they have practically become their second family, especially if they have kids. There are some very funny animal videos that have made the rounds on YouTube. Some of them you may actually have watched when you were a child, and even laughed at.

One of the most popular videos is a funny clip from Disney’s “Fur Elise” movie. A cute little kitten named Beauty is watching everything unfold as her owners, the poor Fur Elise (yes, she has a name) attempt to care for her. One scene takes the kitten to an animal clinic run by Dr Facelord. While he is fixing her up, she giggles and points to a wart on her cheek.

You may be surprised but funny animal videos have actually been used in schools to help teach kids about humor and how to make others laugh. In fact, a famous science teacher of ours once made a video entitled, “”Learn About Funny Animals.” In this video, she was able to show kids how to identify a giraffe with its horn, and then she explained about all the other strange looking animals in the world that share this similar trait. Kids then saw how important it was to learn about these different funny animals, especially giraffes. This was a great lesson for children as they grew up.

The next funny animal videos, I’d like to introduce you to are from “Family Matters.” This is a hilarious video that’s sure to entertain and get you laughing. The main funny animal is a pig and all his antics are captured on camera. The best part is that there aren’t any bad words in this movie.

If you’re looking for funny animal videos that children will love to watch, then this is definitely a great place to start. This is a movie that’s full of laughter and lots of cute and cuddly animals. The main funny character, Dot, is a dirty little pig who loves to make everybody laugh. This is a film that children will enjoy just as much as they will enjoy seeing their parents laugh.

Now here’s one of the most famous funny animal videos that’s ever been made. Believe it or not, the famous “Dipper” from the newer Disney movies is actually my favorite. It shows the mischievous nature of a little boy who gets so carried away with his favorite Bugs Bunny that he falls down a hole and burns his foot. The video is played when a fire has broken out at a local theater and the fire department is trying to put the fire out with water. After putting the fire out with the water, the man falls down the hole and is carried by Bugs Bunny (the same one we see every year at the Fourth of July) into the safety of his car.

Of course there are many other funny animal videos that you can look up online and enjoy. Some of these videos include; Picking The Perfect Pets, Cute Animals Doing hilarious Things, Funny Animals does surprising things and of course, there are just silly funny animal videos where the animals act silly or are just funny in general. Some of these videos include; Dog Training, Horse Training, The Tail whip, Baby Animals Making Fun of themselves and much more. These funny animal videos are some of the best around.

You should try looking up some of the more recent funny animal videos and you will find a wide array of funny videos to choose from. They come in all different genres from videos of cats kicking, to dogs doing strange things and much more. As long as you can find a video that’s of interest to you, then that’s all that matters. It may even interest you enough to purchase the videos and save them to watch at your leisure later. That’s what’s so great about these videos, you never have to miss a single one!

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