Funny Cats ✪ Cute and Baby Cats Videos Compilation #101


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Funny Cat Videos For Kids Are Best When They’re Not Too Funny

Have you ever wondered what’s so funny about cats anyway? You may be surprised to find out that there’s actually quite a lot of humor to be found in watching the antics of cats and other animals. What you probably won’t find in these funny cat videos for children are any overt attempts at humor or poking fun at human flaws. In fact the makers of funny cat videos for children are after the exact opposite.

The whole point behind these funny cat videos for children is to help teach them about humor. To that end there are a few things that they will almost certainly find funny. In particular kittens are a very popular subject matter. What parent wouldn’t want to give their kittens the gift of laughter or at least viewing of their funny cat videos for children? There are a number of sites on the internet that make sure they deliver on this promise by allowing you to post shared clips on their social media pages for members to view.

On our second day we decided to post a clip of Fluffy the cat from Home Alone playing with a hockey stick. We watched the clip several times but when I told her mother she looked at me like I had two heads. I guess she likes to watch herself on the video too because that’s what it’s all about. Kids are generally too young to know the difference between reality TV and reality and they love cats so anything that gives them an idea of the virtual world was bound to win them over. Funny cat videos for children are also readily accessible so your children don’t miss out on anything.


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